The power of raw

iStock_000009999916SmallEating raw food isn’t just the latest health trend; a raw food diet is not just good for you – it’s also good science! Science proves that cooking not only destroys nutrition and enzymes but chemically changes foods from the substances needed for health into acid-forming toxins, free-radicals and poisons that destroy our health.

So with this in mind, Carlsbad Village Yoga and Fitness is having a FREE raw foods workshop on Sunday January 20 at 1 pm. In this workshop, you’ll learn the benefits of eating raw foods and Alkaline forming greens, as well as how to cleanse the body using raw foods and herbs for cellular regeneration. Experience the world’s first, one of a kind, patented vertical Tower Garden by Juice Plus+! You’ll also get to enjoy a green lovingly prepared meal and healthy smoothie!

One thought on “The power of raw

  1. Happy Tuesday to you! I LOVE the Carlsbad area!
    Just read through the post here on your blog and love the freshness of it. You have a fun and witty writing style too! Keep up the good work and when you get a chance, come visit my take on how to stay healthy during the media tombed ‘flu pandemic of 2013’. Cheers to your health and success!
    Ciao ciao for now~
    @Cherelynn on Twitter

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